Stay ahead of the digital change

Enhancing the digital competences, e-commerce skills and climate adaptation of vulnerable small businesses.

Module 1: Digital Skills

Module 1 helps small business to enhance Digital Competences in their daily life. The unit covers the advantages of digital collaboration, communication and creativity.

Module 2: e-Commerce

Get to know about e-commerce for micro-enterprises and boost your business through various e-commerce practices that we share with you in Module 2.


Module 3: Climate Adaptation

Are you interested in how small rural businesses can be affected by climate change, and why sustainability is essential? Check Module 3.

Easy As 1…2…3…

Accessing the modules is easy, just click on the Module your are interested in and see or download the presentations. They are conveniently distributed among units to create easily manageable contents. Once you have learned about one of the 3 topics of #keepup you can use the self-evaluation to assess your skills.